House rules

We warmly welcome you to our holiday accommodation and wish you an exciting and relaxing stay!

With our accommodation, we aim to provide you with the basis for carefree and relaxed days. To ensure that this is always possible, it is necessary for our guests to be familiar with and adhere to the house rules. By making a booking, you accept these house rules and ensure that you and all traveling companions comply with them. We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

If you have any questions about these house rules, please feel free to contact us at the following telephone number at any time:

0176 47 77 87 32

Quiet Hours:

In our holiday accommodation, public quiet hours such as noon and Sunday rest must be observed. Additionally, out of consideration and in the spirit of good neighborliness, quiet hours are to be observed daily between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM.


Smoking is not allowed in our holiday accommodation or anywhere in the building. Please go to the outdoor area and use an ashtray. Please dispose of fully cooled cigarette butts in the residual waste. If there are any burn marks or holes, please notify us, the landlord, immediately. You, as the tenant, are responsible for the repair costs for any damage caused.


In our holiday accommodation, you have free access to the internet. You will receive the access code upon arrival. However, the use of this internet access is at your own risk. As the landlord, we assume no liability for any of your activities on the internet.


Keeping pets is allowed in our holiday apartment by arrangement and prior notification. Please make sure that your pet stays away from furniture such as sofas or beds. It is also your responsibility to clean up any mess caused by your pet. Please also be aware that in some areas of the house and surroundings, pets must be kept on a leash.


For safety reasons, a maximum of 3 people may be present in the holiday accommodation. If visitors are also staying in the holiday accommodation, you must inform the landlord beforehand. The registration of visitors can be done by phone or by email. A fee of 100.00 euros per visitor and overnight stay will then be charged. The visitors must also comply with these house rules

Events & Parties

Larger events and parties are generally not allowed in our holiday apartment. Every gathering of several people in our holiday accommodation must comply with the corresponding conditions of these house rules.

Waste Separation & Disposal

As we are required to separate our waste, we kindly ask that you also separate your waste in our holiday accommodation. There are appropriate disposal options available for organic waste, paper, plastic, residual waste, and glass. New trash bags are also available in the holiday accommodation that you should use if needed. Additionally, please never throw food scraps, trash, or hygiene products into the toilet or other drains. Dispose of your waste exclusively in the designated containers.


For safety reasons, all entrance doors to the holiday accommodation must be kept closed at all times. In addition, all entrance doors must be locked with a key when leaving the house. The windows should also be closed when leaving the holiday accommodation and at night. In terms of fire safety, it is important to ensure that escape routes are not blocked. Also, heating, lighting, and other devices should always be turned off if they are not being used. This also applies to electrical appliances.


In terms of infection prevention, it is necessary to ventilate the vacation accommodation sufficiently. To do so, open the windows several times a day for 5 to 10 minutes. This can effectively prevent the formation of mold.

Outdoor area

Objects in the outdoor area such as umbrellas or similar should be closed during strong winds and overnight to avoid damage and ensure your safety.

Grilling / fireplace

Facilities with open flames are generally only to be used by adults. In terms of fire protection, please also refrain from grilling with charcoal or accelerants. After cooling down, dispose of the ash and any other remains in the regular waste bin.

Emergency contacts

In case of emergency, please contact the police at the number 110 or the fire department at the number 112, or use the following nearby hospital:

Asklepios Klinik Hamburg-Altona

Paul-Ehrlich-Straße 1, 22763 Hamburg

Phone: 040 18 18 810


For your stay in our vacation accommodation, appropriately marked parking spaces are available for your car. Please make sure that you do not block other vehicles, neighbors, or sidewalks when parking. Please also note that as the landlord, we are not liable for the vehicle parked on the parking lot and its contents.


You are responsible for cleaning the vacation accommodation during your stay. This is not included in the final cleaning. Appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment are available in the vacation accommodation for necessary cleaning tasks. Before departure, some cleaning tasks will also need to be performed. These are listed in the “Arrival and Departure” section.


Any damages that occur in the vacation accommodation must be reported to the landlord as soon as possible. Damages that are discovered only after your departure cannot be accepted. If it is a minor damage, such as a broken glass, we as the landlord will cover the replacement. However, for major damages to the furnishings or the vacation accommodation, you as the tenant will be held responsible. To avoid damages, please refrain from moving furniture and avoid other potential sources of danger.


On arrival, you will receive 2 keys for the vacation accommodation. Please never give the keys out of your hand. If you lose the keys, please report this to us immediately. There will be a cost of 100 euros for the effort of replacing the keys, which you as the tenant will be responsible for.

Arrival & Departure

To ensure that the holiday accommodation is optimally prepared for our guests, you can check in on the day of arrival from 3:00 PM. On the day of departure, the holiday accommodation must be vacated and left in good condition by 11:00 AM. This includes:

  • Emptying and wiping the refrigerator dry
  • Cleaning dishes and putting them back in their place
  • Disposing of any remaining food
  • Disposing of household waste in the designated bins
  • Cleaning any used appliances and equipment if necessary
  • Turning off electrical devices (except the refrigerator)
  • Locking all doors


This house rule is intended to ensure that you can enjoy a pleasant and safe stay in our holiday accommodation. Compliance with the house rules is essential. A violation of these house rules is a violation of the rental conditions set out in the rental agreement. Please keep this in mind and we wish you a relaxing stay and a great time with us!

The tenant must acknowledge and sign the house rules.